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Ashbury Training has a proven (and award winning) track record providing bespoke training solutions for a diverse range of clients, both nationally and internationally. We believe that as learning experts we can apply our skills to any of your internal software systems to ensure your users are getting maximum benefits from those systems. Our experience includes numerous invoicing, expenses and ordering systems and many more complex food specification, stock management and Point of Sale systems but we believe our methodology can be applied to any software used in any business context.


For bespoke business applications Ashbury's design process begins with a thorough analysis of the day-to-day use of the software and its application in your business. Only by understanding the needs of the end user and delivering in their 'language' can bespoke training deliver maximum benefits.


Often this involves working with our client's software supplier and planning delivery to different levels of users, from those who may only need a basic understanding of the system through to expert users.


Successful bespoke training solutions combine the learning of your bespoke applications with an understanding the context in which it is used. Anyone can be taught how to click a button, the important lesson is why!



  • SpecConnect Level 1 Training
  • SpecConnect Level 2 Training
  • SpecConnect Conversion Training






  • Argus Budget
  • Argus Developer
  • Argus Valuation Capitalization
  • Argus Valuation DCF





  • ASPECT Level 1 Training
  • ASPECT Level 2 Training
  • ASPECT Refresher Training
  • Assessments




Sams Club

  • ASPECT Level 1 Training
  • ASPECT Level 2 Training





“ Ashbury Training will design the professional training solution you need by putting the system in business context and focusing the training on the needs of the end user. ”

Justin Davies, Director of Ashbury Training