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What makes us different from the rest.

// About us

Founded in 1999 Ashbury Training has become one of the most highly respected companies in its field. Working in partnership with our corporate clients and software partners we maximize the return from investment in training, by providing a comprehensive training service which goes beyond the provision of courses alone.


We have dedicated ourselves to an approach that is industry focused. All Ashbury trainers are experts in Product Lifecycle Management and the management of all aspects of private label programs.


It’s our industry focus that sets us apart from other training companies. Our competitors can teach you and your clients which buttons to click, at Ashbury Training we can put that click into context and relate it to your role, your industry and your needs.


Innovative, flexible and of the highest quality our experience is one of our greatest assets. Since being established in 1999, we have implemented highly successful training projects for retailers including Walmart, M&S and ASDA in a fast moving and demanding industry.


At Ashbury Training we are passionate about learning and we are continually updating our services to offer training solutions encompassing the latest technologies and ideas. Our new elearning platform for example allows users to view video tutorials and content on their smart phones, IPhones and Blackberries as well as through their PC!

Case Study: Walmart

Part of the strategy of innovation within applications training by Ashbury Training are our e-learning solutions. Walmart ASPECT is a Product Lifecycle Management system created by Agentrics. Our e-learning solution was designed to mirror the look and feel of the live system in order to allow a seamless transition for the user between the two products. All e-learning solutions created by Ashbury Training are fully branded for the client and hosted on a web address chosen by our client.


User experience

Once logged in to the e-learning product, the user can choose to view content available broken down into Category. Specifically for the Walmart ASPECT e-learning solution, these categories were:



QuickStart: 1. The Aspect Vision

QuickStart: 2. Essentials

QuickStart: 3. User Management

QuickStart: 4. Supply Chain

QuickStart: 5. Specification

QuickStart: 6. Approval


Once a user has chosen a Category they can launch the video tutorials available and download pdf documents from a digital library. After completing the tutorials users have the ability to sit an online assessment. This is a useful experience for testing their learning, but can also be used by the retailers to view competency levels of their suppliers.



The e-learning solution’s analysis tool allows you to track numerous statistics of the users. These statistics include which videos are viewed, how long they are being watched, and who opened them. Full statistical analysis of all aspects of the e-learning can be downloaded into Excel or CSV format.



Our e-Learning solutions can be open for all to access or users can pay for access to the entire site, or on a pay-per-view basis.


Mobile E-Learning solutions

As new phones are created for the market, Ashbury Training will continue to expand our learning technology, much in the way it currently adapts training courses to new computer browsers and operating systems. According to James Post, Director of Ashbury Training, "Simply put, technology has advanced to a point where people live on their phones. It has become their phone, music player, television screen, and web browser. They are even making online purchases with their phones. Now more than ever businesses need training to embrace this technology and allow our clients to learn on the go!" Mobile device video delivery be included as part of our next generation e-learning solutions.


Your Language

Ashbury Training has a pool of highly experienced full time trainers who are able to teach in many languages. If you require your e-learning in a different language or choice of language then we are the company for you.

This is a training course held via the internet using a ‘virtual meeting room’. Users can hear and talk to a live tutor (just like a real classroom) while watching the tutor demonstrate the use of the software. These sessions are limited to 10 users to ensure each delegate can receive answers to their questions as the course progresses.


Ashbury Training continues to pioneer the use of web-based training as a cost efficient training solution for companies with geographical dispersed employees.


Our experience in delivering these sessions has taught us that they can be just as effective as classroom training sessions if facilitated correctly. Just as in a classroom you can expect to have questions asked of you the delegate, to receive exercises to complete during the course and even apply your learning to your own real life examples by sharing your computer screen with your tutor if you wish.


As technology evolves so do our webinar sessions, ensuring Ashbury Training remains true to our mission of exceeding the standards set by others.


Webinars are also suited to smaller workshop sessions, allowing targeted training on specific aspects of a software product. An example of these types of workshop sessions are those we have recently designed for Marks & Spencer. An email marketing campaign coupled with an online web-presence, allows user’s to study the training webinars available and to book themselves onto sessions.

This classical learning medium allows attendees full hands-on practice on the software product whilst instructed by a tutor.


Private training courses are limited to a single supplier. This allows the course to be tailored directly to that supplier and its products. Public training courses could contain multiple suppliers. These sessions will use generic products for demonstration and allow attendees to keep their costs down.


Classroom sessions can either be full-day courses or alternatively we can deliver classroom sessions as short workshops targeted at specific learning requirements.



Ashbury Training has achieved Gold Standard accreditation with the Institute of IT Training. This means that all of our trainers have achieved an industry standard training award such as TAP (Trainers Assessment Programme) or TPMA (Trainer Performance Monitoring & Assessment ). Ashbury Training only use full time trainers.


Blended Learning

There are as many blended learning models as there are organizational challenges. Ashbury Training have many years experience understanding the different learning styles of our delegates and delivering blended learning solutions to ensure all attendees receive the training they deserve.


Blended Learning is a portfolio of different delivery methods, techniques and resources aimed at satisfying each learner’s preferred learning style. E-learning, webinars and classroom training solutions are all successful and proven stand-alone training techniques, however when combined as one blended offering your learners have the best opportunity to learn your products in their preferred learning style.


Some of your users may wish only to utilize an online elearning solution and learn at their own pace, in their own time. Others might prefer to backup-up this self-led learning with attendance on targeted online webinars, giving them the opportunity to interact with an instructor. Others may simply prefer the classroom environment for their learning.


Ashbury Training

Ashbury Training is pleased to have this opportunity to present some of our training solutions to you. We are always keen to deliver tailored training solutions that deliver more than expected to both you and your users.

M&SOverall Description

M&S introduced the FIND (Food INnovation Database) platform to manage their New Product Development (NPD) activities. As M&S are the only major food retailer to sell 100% own brand products, this project was of significant strategic importance as it was the first time they had used a software solution that both managed the full product development life-cycle and also formed a centralized database of product information.


Development Process

Prior to each phase of the project, a detailed consultative period was undertaken by Ashbury Training. This involved working at the client site with M&S staff to fully understand all job-roles, and current working practices within M&S and their suppliers. Ashbury Training also spent time with the FIND software team to learn the full functionality of the system and ensuing updates.


From there Ashbury Training was able to develop course materials including course outlines and hosted e-learning, followed by client meetings for sign-off in accordance with our client Engagement model. Each phase of the project had its timescale governed by M&S. Ashbury Training then worked with M&S to ensure the correct training occurred within those constraints and within the budgets set. This often required extremely sophisticated training timetables in order to ensure maximum value for money for our client and ensure controlled costs to M&S and M&S suppliers.


“This has been a real one-stop-shop experience, from Ashbury’s early command of the overall project, down to the final shop floor delivery of training and the continually available back up. We were always made to feel that we were in safe hands and that there was a constant connection to all levels of the project”

Nikki Scott: Learning Manager for Head Office, Marks & Spencer.


Impact & Contribution

That the system is now used by 18 internal category teams and nearly 500 external suppliers to launch some 1500 new products every month is testament not only to the effectiveness of the system but the competence of its users. FIND has had a huge impact on product development at M&S. For the first time M&S now have a complete and searchable product information database. The strategic contribution of FIND became clear during the Sudan1 crisis when M&S were able to accurately locate all at-risk products. David Gregory, Head of Food Technology at Marks & Spencer


“Marks & Spencer can trace all ingredients back to source within 30 minutes with more than 95 per cent accuracy.” (Sunday Telegraph, 26/02/2005)

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