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Justin Davies// Director

Justin Davies, co-founder and co-director of Ashbury Training, has a 10-year track record of success in strategic training solutions...

...business management and consultancy for organisations as diverse as the Home Office, Goldman Sachs, Ernst & Young and Marks & Spencer..


Justin left Arthur Andersen in the late 1990s to create Ashbury Training (Ashbury Educational Services), which he has been running successfully in partnership with James Post ever since.


A skilled communicator he prides himself in leading innovation within L&D and has devised over 100 training and implementation solutions, including the largest training rollout in Europe for Marks & Spencer in 2010/2011.


Justin has developed long term relationships with major organisations such as Ernst & Young and Marks & Spencer that continue to the present day, and is constantly working to ensure Ashbury Training’s portfolio remains fresh and pioneering and offers quality and value to his customers, whilst always remaining flexible to their needs.


Recently Justin co-founded Ashbury Labelling Ltd. A company complimentary to Ashbury Training, it delivers world-class food technology and specification services in combination with professional technology training solutions.


Justin’s insight into the long-term training requirements of multinational corporations, combined with his expertise in retail, have helped propel Ashbury Training into the top 50 training companies in the UK.

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James Post// Director

TAP accredited James Post is passionate about training! He enjoys getting the most out of people and developing their skills beyond what they thought was possible...

...whether it is classroom based IT training or leadership skills courses conducted in muddy fields or halfway up a mountain.


James has honed his teaching skills over the last 10 years through his exposure to diverse industries, cultures and environments.


Gretta White. Mental Health Review Tribunal:


"We were all of the opinion that James is an extremely patient and helpful instructor, with an ability to put those with limited IT skills at ease, and therefore gain maximum benefit from the course."


James began his training career at Admiral Training where he spent three years teaching MS Office and bespoke applications. During this time he managed relationships with major clients such as the Department of Health and divided his time between classroom delivery and developing training materials.


His involvement in training and development weekends for a well-known charity means his personal course portfolio includes Survival Techniques and Rhino tracking (for beginners) - Not the most sought-after courses in the UK, perhaps, but you never know when those skills may come in handy.


After leaving Admiral training James qualified as a certified Cisco trainer. He ran Cisco courses for Equant & France Telecom engineers across Europe and North America.


He also designed a series of training courses for their helpdesk staff covering areas such as bespoke software, telephone skills and how to handle angry customers (now there’s a use for those Rhino skills!)


James’ experience at Equant expanded his IT knowledge from generic desktop applications into networking and telecommunications. The Cisco qualifications courses are amongst the most challenging he has delivered. Understanding how difficult it can sometimes be to absorb complex information quickly means that James strives to find different methods to teach complex subjects in a simple way.


Since setting up Ashbury Training with co-director Justin Davies, James has worked with a number of major companies, managing their training assessment, development and delivery.


Most recently, James managed a training rollout for Marks and Spencer (M&S Project FIND -an internet based bespoke application), writing courses and materials for 500 M&S staff and 640 M&S suppliers. He project-managed a team of trainers and delivered over 200 successful training days across the UK.


The training rollout was widely regarded as the best IT training project ever experienced within M&S.

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Lisa Fahey// Compliance Lead


Lisa has been involved in a range of projects and programmes during her time at Ashbury from managing large-scale PoS Rollouts to designing, building and now leading the company’s Compliance Division.  

She works closely with clients to understand their needs to build solutions that are right for them, and which integrate seamlessly into their brand and day-to-day operations.

Lisa is a dynamic, highly motivated and creative member of the team. Her creative thinking supported by a strong skill set allows Lisa to apply effective management tools to large scale projects. Her motivation to succeed and work hard inspires others to deliver fantastic results.

Lisa is a detail focused manager, handling the operations team to ensure that 100s of days of training runs smoothly each and every month across our compliance training provision. She adds to this high level of operational precision an insightful view of the strategic development and growth of her department and her team. Lisa is an integral part of the success of this department and a really high achiever.

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Holly Gordon// Account  Manager

Holly is an enthusiastic and skilled trainer with over ten years experience in L&D. Her ability to create a relaxed and enjoyable environment allows delegates to benefit from learning at their own pace....

... With a career that began in telecommunications, Holly soon identified that her preferred area of expertise was Retail. Gaining a vast amount of invaluable experience in large corporations, she made the decision to become freelance, working alongside some of the largest supermarkets and retailers in the UK and Australia. Projects ranged from supporting the roll out of new POS systems, training teams on back office processes and identifying areas which required the creation of user-friendly quick reference guides.

Holly has been involved in projects lasting from 3 months to 2 years, successfully establishing excellent relationships within the client’s project teams. This involved starting with Training Needs Analysis and course structure set up, all the way through to the training material creation, delivery of courses and post-training support.

As a natural progression to her career, Holly has more recently enjoyed the opportunity of incorporating her retail experience into the world of hospitality.


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Judy Davies// Training Manager

Judy began her career in retail as an Allocator for Marks and Spencer. It was here that she developed an interest in Training and Development which enabled her to transfer to Training Advisor and then subsequently Assistant Personnel Manager for Womenswear and Lingerie...


 Judy continued to develop her HR skills in retail, joining Sears and Arcadia before moving to a completely different industry, joining the NHS for 3 years in General Practise and Clinical Pathology before moving to the Private Health Sector.
Judy joined Ashbury Training in 2011 as Office Manager and has become an integral part of the team, overseeing the day to day running of all BAU projects and course, while her HR experience has allowed her to develop a role as resourcing specialist for both Ashbury Training and Ashbury Labelling.

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Richard Wade// Training Manager

Richard has been involved with skills and IT training in various capacities for the past 20 years. An experienced TAP accredited Trainer specialising in IT systems

..., he has a proven ability to design, develop and deliver courseware across different industries. Richard is also experienced in the full training cycle and has the certificate in training practice from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, of which he is an associate member.


He is a highly motivated and organised trainer able to deliver both one-to-one and group events, and combines excellent communication skills with a natural ability to energise and enthuse course participants.


Since joining Ashbury Training Richard has been involved in major rollout projects and has trained large numbers of users on new equipment and systems, and trained staff at all levels including senior staff, and those with varying degrees of prior knowledge. As Training Manager Richard is responsible for a large portfolio of clients worldwide, including some of the giants of the retail world.

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John Stuart// L&D Director

A motivated and experienced trainer, comfortable working from shop floor to board, John is passionate about using Learning and Development to instigate real changes in both people ...

... and organisations.


John began his career as a graduate trainee in the Rank organisation cutting his teeth in operational management roles in their retail businesses, before moving to a Learning and Development role. From here John became involved in a range of initiatives across Rank, from developing and delivering NEBSM courses, to supporting retail specific training programmes. This grounding in the Training industry allowed John to complete his Diploma in L&D for the Institute of Training and Development.


Following this he took on a senior HR role within a successful national retail business and applied his experience designing and managing programmes for much larger audiences, efforts which were recognised with 3 National Training Awards (best programme, best partnership, and best delivery).


This passion for using Learning to make real differences to people was further developed through working with a range of organisations (including M&S, Intel and Microsoft), sitting on the board of a local college, running management development programmes across a range of sectors, acting as a verifier for the Institute of Leadership and Management, and working with a charity supporting school age children into industry.


John is also a keen mountaineer and to get away from office life he is known to literally head to the hills, and can be found hanging from fingertips or ice axes on rock ridges in the Scottish highlands and the French Alps throughout the year.


Following a recent bespoke course designed and delivered for the NHS senior L&D team the feedback included;


“This training has really opened my eyes to some of the possibilities that exist to develop my role”


“I really enjoyed the balance within the training, introducing high level principles and then breaking that down into workshop activities examining how to take the information back to my workplace”


“John presented the topics very well, making the day highly enjoyable and I’m looking forward to putting some of this into practice now”


“There were some new concepts today and John explained these clearly and helped me plan how to apply them effectively.”

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Clayton Ford// Trainer

Clayton is a naturally charismatic and enthusiastic trainer with a strong background in professional coaching and personal development. He combines his...

...experience of Sales, Soft Skills, Business and Residential Property Investment Training to deliver bottom line results.


Clayton's desire is to bring to life training results in enjoyable sessions for delegates, and the opportunity to immediately consolidate their learning.


Clayton is active in working with teenagers to help them optimise their skills and maximise their potential, and he is also a keen tennis fan on the lookout to improve his game.

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Vim Mankoo//Senior Trainer

Vim has been working within the training and assessing industry for over 10 years, and is a Certified TPMA Technical Trainer with an MCSE...

...Vim trains in a traditional TAP style but adjusts his training to suit the client’s needs, and is an approachable trainer with a very patient and polite attitude.


Previously Vim has worked as a Project Manager where he sourced, trained and rolled out bespoke software across South Wales and the Midlands. He has worked with clients of all abilities from Managers and Directors, through to working with assistive technologies with the disabled community.


Vim is working on training projects with a majority of our clients on an international level including Ernst & Young, King Sturge and the large retail magnets M&S, Asda, Walmart, Safeway and Sams Club.


Vim is also involved in Train the Trainer (TTT) courses and plays a prominent role in training and up-skilling other training staff.


Vim likes to keep fit and enjoys boxing and training, and teaching Jujitsu.

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Tig Gohil// Trainer


Tig has been in the training industry for over 17 years, of which 12 years have been as an independent consultant Tig's skills and knowledge cover all of the MS Office ....

...applications up to developer level, and his adaptive nature has enabled him to adopt a range of new skills whilst at Ashbury.


Prior to being a trainer Tig was a police officer, and this experience helps him to deal with all manner of scenarios in a calm and professional manner. Tig now uses these skills within the IT sector (although not in quite the same circumstances!) to maintain professionalism and empathy with clients, and to provide good, solid training with a relevant transference of knowledge which delegates can use straight away.


On a personal level Tig is involved with his local Amateur Dramatics group, and can been seen treading the boards and shining in the spotlight throughout the year!

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// Trainer

Nick has been working as a trainer for Ashbury since 2010. He is an experienced classroom trainer but is also our primary online trainer, leading courses in many different topics to people across the world from our base in London.

Nick is our eLearning specialist, designing automated computer based training in many subjects from Food and Fire Safety courses to Business Objects 4.1 courses. Nick is bilingual and has developed and led courses for Ashbury in French for clients based in Paris.

Nick has a passion for working with people and getting the best from them. His enthusiasm is infectious and he enjoys the challenge of making potentially difficult subjects both fun and interesting to learn.